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Run With Our Trail Playlist

Run With Our Trail Playlist


Taking your first strides out solo?

Already in the flow? Or picking up pace with your usual crowd?

Make your run even better with some good beats!

We know you’re busy clearing your head or syncing with nature, so we’ve got your run covered with a special trail playlist! Created in collaboration with our star athletes, it celebrates the spirit of trail running, the exploration of the wild next door and the primitive joy found in freeing yourself one step after the other.

Some tracks are up-paced, some are relaxed. What they all are is suited to the running mood. Because one thing we know is that good music can definitely take your run to the next level.

So hit the play button and don’t forget to let us know whether it’s jumpstarted your first ever run, given you the energy to step out on a lazy day, or helped you win an epic race. 

Check out our trail playlist now

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